CPA – Taking the First Steps Into CPA-Marketing

I want to first start off by explaining what CPA-marketing is. Well CPA marketing stands for Cost-Per-Action, in simple terms you as an advertiser of a Network, will get paid every time a consumer takes action on your website.


It may be that your website requires a consumer to submit and email or zipcode, possibly a Credit Card to make a purchase. Now there are several CPA networks that you will need to join so you can have access to a huge amount of different types of offers to promote throughout the web, this is your goldmine you could say.


My best opinion is to set yourself up with 10-15 different Networks right from the beginning, the process is pretty simple here are some tips that will help you get approved instantly.




1. When you are applying at the various networks, make sure you mention you are going to be promoting via PPC, Email marketing. The majority of the networks only accept PPC and Email marketing for their offers, now there are some that allow different traffic sources, but I am going by the majority.


2. After you have applied for the network, make sure you send them a personal email and follow up with a phone call. This shows the network you are serious about doing business with them and you will instantly be approved. Also another unknown secret to getting accepted, most network us AIM the instant chat service and you will find most of their AIM screenames on the homepage or sometimes right after you apply it gives you that info, make sure to message them and ask to call them.


Now lets move into some marketing strategies and methods that will help you generate some extra cashflow daily.

One of my favorite ways to generate CPA sales is through PPC marketing, and the reason for that is because there are millions of keywords and niches that really don’t cost much to be able to get your ad up through Google. There is a lot of misleading information about PPC and what really works and what doesn’t. I have found PPC in my personal experience to be the most consistent and profitable way to generate CPA revenues on autopilot.


Here are some Tips For PPC:

1. Extensive keyword research and research your target market on the search engines is key to building a successful PPC campaign. The ways I have built profitable campaigns is I have used a few tools that are available to all of us such as KeywordSpy, KeywordElite, PPCbully. These tools allow us to “spy” on competition and see what there ads are showing and which keywords they are targeting at times.


A small tip for you, I have followed successful marketers from day 1. I suggest you do is the same, and keep a track for 7 days of the first 2 pages of PPC on Google for your specific niche and see which ads and offers are still being ran. Any smart marketers will turn off a campaign within 24-48 hours after testing if it has not profited for them right from the beginning. Well thats what I do anyways!


2. Now its time to find your keywords, the tool I use for this is Google External Keyword Tool, its free simple and most important its effective. All you do is type in your phrases/keywords and the Keyword Tool will bring up all the different types of variations, traffic volume and all you do is click the text button on the right hand bottom corner and save it on your computer. So now you have a list of keywords to market it to.


Now these tips and information will jump start you into CPA-marketing, now remember this is a very completive niche if there is any type of coaching program you can find, join it. I did that I went through 5 different coaching programs with the CPA-marketing niche and learned a huge amount of techniques and methods to build my CPA-marketing cash machine.


Matias Leiva in the past 12 months has trained and shared insider secrets with over 6,000 Network Marketers how to successful leverage the web to generate 100’s of leads per day and easily sponsor 25-30 new distributors into their primary network marketing businesses.


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